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Civil Rights Vs. Civil Liberties

It is significant to note the difference linking civil rights and civil liberties. The difference between this two is well defined based on how they are both used distinctively. Civil rights can be defined as the different actions that the government takes to prevent discrimination, create or provide equal conditions to its people. This is mainly in regards to unequal treatment based on minority groups and characteristics such as race, gender, disability and many more. Civil rights stand to defend the basic rights and freedom of every individual that are guaranteed by the Bill of rights and the Constitution. This can be clearly seen in the fourteenth Amendment to the United States where the Constitution Guarantees equal citizenship rights and equal protection under the law. This, therefore, means that all U.S citizens who are fully qualified to vote, have a right that is government enforceable to do so. Other examples of civil rights include the rights to equal access to health care and social services.

Taking a look at civil liberties, they on the other hand can be defined as basic rights that are granted to everyone in the country by the Constitution. Unlike the civil rights, Civil liberties are not focused on a particular people or group but to every single person without further specificity in a governed country. Examples of Civil liberties include; freedom of speech, right to privacy, right to be free from unwarranted home searches, fair court trial right, marrying right and voting right among others. While the civil rights and civil rights may seem interchangeable or similar in nature, there is a very clear difference between each term. One way that this difference can be denoted is by the way the two legal terms are used. First one can look at what right is mainly affected, and secondly who it has is affected. For instance, an employee does not have the right to a promotion, simply because a promotion is a guaranteed “civil liberty”. However, a female or disabled person has a legal right in discriminated against when being considered for a promotion. This is because one cannot be denied a promotion simply for being a female or a disabled employee. It’s also notable that if an employer chooses to promote a female employee just because of their gender, the employer is considered to have committed a civil violation and has affianced in illegal employment discrimination.

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