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Top 22 Philosophical Discursive Essay Topics To Choose From

In a discursive paper, the author should introduce a topic, present two opposing positions related to it, and choose the side to support. If you’re instructed to compose a discursive essay on a philosophical topic, there are many interesting questions for you to choose from. If good ideas don’t come to your mind, you may look at the list of topics below.

Philosophical Topics for Your Discursive Paper

  1. Is there a purpose for the existence of mankind?
  2. Positive attitude: is it a secret of a successful life?
  3. Can lottery be considered as a form of exploitation?
  4. Is it ethical to conduct tests on animals that demonstrate the signs of human emotions?
  5. Can anything that is natural be considered good?
  6. Does slavery exist nowadays, but just in a slightly different form?
  7. Is morality always subjective?
  8. Should censorship be implemented to comments sections of popular websites?
  9. Should the government distribute the nation’s riches equally between its citizens?
  10. Are we all equal or there are super individuals?
  11. Is something right because it’s told by God or is it told by Gob because it’s right?
  12. Should all people get married?
  13. The age of our planet: six thousand years or four billion years?
  14. Is it easier to communicate with people via the Internet?
  15. Should all marriages come with prenuptial agreements?
  16. Should people be stimulated to give blood?
  17. Does it matter whether God exists or not?
  18. Is it possible to become a better person without facing evil things?
  19. Does anyone deserve to be punished for all eternity?
  20. Is there a progress without wars?
  21. Should people aim for immortality?
  22. Do we need religion to be moral?

Creating a Good Discursive Essay

You cannot write a discursive paper that will earn an excellent grade if you don’t conduct proper research. You may, of course, support your arguments with your own logical calculations but strong evidence is always better. Try to be objective supporting your arguments. Don’t put emphasis on what you think but rather on what is known. Introducing a new point, start the paragraph with a topic sentence so that the reader exactly understands what question you’ll discuss.

In a philosophical essay, you should be persuasive but, at the same time, leave some space for further discussions and disputes. There will always be someone who will try to refute your statements and this is what makes philosophy such an interesting field.